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So starts a new adventure into the world of online publications. When it comes to the field of Content Strategy, we see ourselves learning from each other. One day when I was researching for content strategy articles, it hit me that no one chose a novel name like Content Strategy Magazine.

Moreover, no one took the URL…and in about 30 minutes a shiny website appeared.

What I plan to do is share a nice set of articles from known colleagues who work in or around the world of content strategy. Now you’re wondering, hasn’t that been covered before on other sites? Yes, but ideally move to showing a different perspective that is not what you might expect.

If you have a topic that you want us to cover, email us at [email protected].

A few topics we have ideas for include:

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Analytics in Content Strategy
  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Content Strategy in Higher Education
  • Translation + Internationalization with Content Strategy
  • Web Content Strategy
  • Book Reviews for Content Strategy

If you know of anyone willing to be interviewed or showcased performing content strategy, feel free to send us a message at [email protected].

Roger Renteria

Roger is a technical communicator, social media butterfly, and content strategist. Find him at

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