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How Do You Make Content Strategy Satisfying?

The more and more I see work environments shift to take care of employees in many technology fields, how do you make sure that the people who do content strategy day-in-day-out are having fun? What about if you are self-employed–how do you take care of yourself?

Is there something meaningful in what you create for content strategy that keeps you going every day?

I think these thoughts are one of the most interesting features which needs some exploring before we get into the nitty gritty: do you take satisfaction doing what you are doing in content strategy? Is there a passion that is involved that we don’t know already? Is it in your DNA?

I asked a handful of content strategists around the world to see what drives them in the pursuit of this profession. Here are my four questions and their answers (curated and edited)


  • makes content strategy enjoyable?
  • drives you to pursue content strategy?
  • advice do you give for people to make this field fun?
  • relationships do you have with colleagues?
  • keeps you up at night?


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For me, content strategy is quite a puzzle for me where I want to find out as much as I can and find ways to improve upon what I’m doing. Whether that is developing SEO, improving user experience, and developing the actual tactics when employing a content strategy.

What drives me is showing the world an easier way to produce and use content. What irks me when we have amazing tools, systems, and processes, but they aren’t even being used. In some cases, the implementation is a detriment to everyone’s experience going all the way from customer experience and creator experience.

The advice I would suggest is that content strategy is such a wide field that you have so many different facets to explore that you might explore down paths that give you freedom of creativity and discipline. There’s a lot to go around and plenty of work in front of us.

The relationships I have hail from the technical communication, higher education (professional and academic), and marketing worlds. I think I’m placed in a very unique position to see a wide variety of content applications that someone normally doesn’t see.

What keeps me up at night is how any of this content strategy will ever have an ultimate impact. That challenge makes me strive to keep going and working in this field to find efficient use of content.

Now it’s your turn!

What makes you keep pursuing a career in content strategy?

Roger Renteria

Roger is a technical communicator, social media butterfly, and content strategist. Find him at

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